One of the best ways to support UnCONventional is to, frankly, buy stuff. So this is where you’ll find links to where you can secure your own official UnCONventional materials!

Print Collections

 UnCONventional: Chapter One
This first print collection collects the first year of UnCONventional strips into one trade paperback sized edition. Carry the exploits of the Bork Con crew around with you, instead of at a computer. Witness the first appearances of Awesome Roy, watch Max and Tara first meet, read words and look at pictures!

Frankly, if you’re looking at this webpage, you probably already know what this is.

This first print edition only costs $10 though, so you should totally buy it.

[ Buy it Now for $10.00! ]

 UnCONventional: Chapter Two
This second year print collection starts right where Chapter One left off… but you guessed that already, didn’t you.

Chapter Two contains the entire second year of UnCONventional, including the full color “I Hate November” storyline (which is why this book costs pretty much twice as much). Besides the comic, also included are character profiles, random notes throughout the book which give some background, and some random stuff thrown in at the end to pad the page count… ummm… I mean “Awesome Bonus Material!”

So yeah, you should buy it.

It’s available for just $19.99 – a bargain and a half if you don’t think about it too hard!

[ Buy it Now for $19.99! ]

 UnCONventional: Chapter Three
Chapter Three, as you’d probably anticipate, collects the entirety of the third year of UnCONventional – including the full color story “In the Beginning.”

Chapter Three, like Chapter Two, has main character profiles up front. It is also peppered with extensive commentary, revealing probably a little bit too much information now that I think about it.

It’s available for just $19.99 – a wonderful bargain… if you like the comic that is. But frankly, if you don’t like the comic, I question why you’re on this page in the first place.

[ Buy it Now for $19.99! ]

 UnCONventional: Chapter Four
Chapter Four, as you’d expect, collects the the fourth year of UnCONventional – the first year of the comic to be produced entirely in color.

This year contains the special event “The Election,” which is fun. I mean, as fun as an election for a small non profit corporation’s officers can be. This chapter also includes more bonus materials than ever before, including panel breakdowns, exclusive art, and the standard profiles up front.

It’s available for just $24.99. Which is a decent price. Because.

[ Buy it Now for $24.99! ]

chapter5coverUnCONventional: Chapter Five
Chapter Five, if you’ve noticed the pattern, is a collection of UnCONventional’s fifth year. It’s amazing how this works.

Bigger and better than ever, this new chapter of UnCONventional contains the storyline “You Can’t Go Home Again,” but trust me — the rest of the book is super funny. It also includes exclusive bonus materials, new cast bios, and… stuff. It’s pretty neat.

It’s available for just $24.99, and unlike previous volumes (which were sized at 6″ x 9 “) is 7″ x 10” in size… so it’s like more book for the same amount of money.

[ Buy it Now for $24.99! ]

Other Merchandise

 You can find T-shirts, stickers and other fun/weird stuff in the UnCONventional Cafepress store!